Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies

From the Big Land Down Under to the Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies, receive the warm rays of the brilliant sun. What does Australia and Hawaii have in common? Heaps! Beautiful long stretches of white sand beaches, big waves, friendly people and Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies. Australia is a continent as well as an island. And Hawaii is an island. Actually Hawaii is made of nine islands. An interesting thing is that Hawaii is the fiftieth state of America. It was established in 1959. England has a queen that actually oversees Australia, but in name only. Though Australia was ruled by England, the Union Jack is in the right-hand corner of the Hawaiian flag. Hawaii too was once ruled by King Kamehameha and Queen Kihiolani.

Aussies love Hawaii and they will surely love Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies.             

Play Pokies Online

Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies will warm your soul and wallet with plenty of earnings. Play real pokies online and get into the Aloha Spirit and you soon will feel the extra warm cash that you earned. In most places of the world the term “ cold cash” is used. But not in Hawaii nor with the Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies. It is as warm as a gecko on a log in the mid-day sun.

Taste the Symbols

What other mobile pokies taste so good? With the Big Kahuna mobile pokies, the winnings are even sweeter. That’s because the symbols on the Big Kahuna mobile pokies are all sweet fruit. This tropical fruit is good tucker. No need for hard Yakka here. Sit back, drink your favourite tropical blend and turn on the mobile and play pokies online.

Normally seen on pokies are the ten Ace symbols. The fruit symbols substitute the ten Ace symbols. Mr. Gecho is there with his tongue salivating to snatch and eat your fruit. Also to be seen are the carved tiki masks. Go to one of the two bonus areas when you receive a mask symbol.

Playing a prominent role in the Volcano Bonus game is the Chief who soars around the reels. 

Wild and Scatter Symbols

Being the Wild, the Big Kahuna logo replaces all the symbols to produce wins except the Scatter.  A massive $8000 bonus is yours when you get five Wilds and that is multiplied by the bet you made on the winning line! Mobile pokies bonus can put a lot of cash in your pockets.

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The silly, smirking monkey is the Scatter.  Most symbols pay from left to right, but the monkey pays in all positions. I call that " monkey business." In Big Kahuna Mobile, the volcano and the mask are the symbols that whisk you off to the Bonus Games. Generally in pokies, the Scatter symbol sends you to the bonus rounds. 

Volcano Bonus

A plume of smoke rises from Kilauea Volcano. The kaamainas, local islanders go about their daily chores, picking coconuts and making grass skirts. Some are fixing their fishing nets. As the rainbow state, you look up, and sure enough is a triple rainbow.  Before you can say oopaopaoomapaoomaopauma,  suddenly three volcanoes appear on the reels and you turn out to be the only possibility that the islanders have to survive the looming threat the volcano presents! A tropical downpour beats down on your thatched hut.Lightning flashes across the sky. The natives are getting restless. We hear the tribal drumbeats in the distance. The drumbeats get stronger and louder, the coconuts start to fall.

The volcano is ready to blow. Lava starts to boil. Everyone looks to you. As their legend says, only you can save the island paradise.  According to island folklore, the mountain can be appeased only by a ritual sacrifice of a single fruit.  The fruits are lined up on the screen.  Time is running out and we must act quickly.  It is your decision. You choose a fruit and your heroic fearlessness saves the day! The locals place garland after garland around your neck. They start to sing and play upon their ukuleles.The mountain simmers down and you return to your paradise, somewhat restrained by your stressful adventure but also rewarded, first with a nice cash bonus from the Chief and also at having substantiated worthiness of the Chief’s and the islanders’ faith in you. Yet, you discern that you may be reverted to the Mountain Bonus at any time, to do your brave best and reap the appropriate reward. Have a go and receive free spins mobile games.

Mask Bonus

Wood carving artists is one of the specialties of the locals. The masks are replicas of the masks on the reels. You see one such mask on the reels in the regular game. The locals love this mask. You hope to see more.  Three mask symbols on the reels send you to the Mask Bonus.  On display are eight beautifully hand-carved masks.  Under five of them is a cash bonus.  Under three of them is “collect”.  You select masks and accumulate the cash bonuses until you choose a “collect” mask.  You are then credited with your accumulated bonus and return to the regular game.

There is no need in the Mask Bonus to act fast, unlike the pressure you are under in the Volcano Bonus to save the island.  So, take your time. Take in the tropical originality on display.  Then make your selections.

The islanders will be grateful for your attention to their art work so, if you get the “collect” mask on your first pick, they willl give you a nice consolation prize! She'll be right mate.