Credit Card Payment Method

The Credit Card Payment Method offers an easy and efficient option which allows you play all of your favorite casino games for real money on mobile or PC.

The Australian online casino supports numerous payment methods which enable both mobile and PC gamers to play their favourite games for real money. There are ewallets, evouchers and echecking account options as well as banks that facilitate wire transfers to and from the player's personal bank account. One of the most popular Aussie online payment methods of casino ebanking involves credit cards for Australian online casino gambling. Credit cards are favoured by many players because they offer fast transfers that facilitate depositing funds in an online casino account and withdrawing winnings quickly, without any involvement of any third-party banking institution. For serious gamblers who want the security of a recognized Internet banking solution, the Credit Card Payment Method offers a good choice.

Payment Methods

There are multiple casino payment methods at the Australian online casino. eWallets and eVouchers  are two of the newest methods. These cash cards are preferred by gamers who wish to maintain a separation between their regular banking activities and their gambling activities. You can fund your eWallet or eVoucher card online or at a local vendor. You can fund the card through your Australian bank account or you can add funds to the card with cash. Once you link your card to your casino account you'll be able to make your casino deposits and withdraw your winnings to and from your card. You can then use the card for any online or offline purchases at merchants who accept the card -- hundreds of thousands of merchants around the world accept payments with these cards. Many of the ewallets and evoucher cards can be used at ATMs so you can withdraw cash from your account at a convenient location – alternately, you can cash in your card's funds at your local card vendor.

eChecks are another new type of Internet payment method. eChecks are, basically, linked to your local Aussie bank account which may make it easier to track your gambling activities through your local bank account. You simply link your personal bank account to an echecking account and you can then write online checks from your home account and withdraw funds back into your local account.

There are several digital banks that function similarly to the echecking program. The funds are sent from the individual's Australian banking account, through the digital bank, to the casino. The process is reversed for the winnings to be withdrawn. This method is favoured by people who prefer to track their financial activities in one central location – their bank account – and don't feel that they need to separate their gambling activities from their other financial affairs.

Credit Cards Payment Method

The Credit Card Payment Method is probably the most popular payment method for online gamers. Almost everyone has a credit or a debit card which is linked to their Australian bank account. The casino supports both Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards along with a few additional types of credit cards for Australian online casino players.

To play for real money via your credit card, sign up for a casino account and go to the website's "Banking" page. Select the logo of your credit card from the list of available casino payment methods and confirm the link The casino will automatically create the link between the two accounts and will make your deposits through your credit card. Your payouts will be credited to your credit card when you request a withdrawal.

Alternately, wait until you make your first casino deposit and indicate your credit card as your preferred payment method.

You only have to create the link between your credit card and your casino account once. From that point onward, the casino will always conduct all financial transactions via your indicated credit card. If you decide to change your payment method you can notify the casino by contacting the casino's support line and requesting your change.

Benefits of Using a Credit Card

What are the benefits of using a credit card for your gambling activities?

  1. It's easier to track your general financial situation when you conduct all of your financial activities through one central bank account. Credit cards facilitate transactions to and from your Australian bank account so you can easily monitor your bank account situation.
  2. Credit card transactions often allow for larger deposit and withdrawal limits than other banking methods
  3. Many online casinos offer credit card users the opportunity to increase their limits over time.
  4. Visa and MasterCard credit cards are universally accepted.
  5. Credit cards offer one of the fastest and most secure deposit methods for online casino transactions.
  6. You can access your funds at conveniently-located ATMs anywhere in Australia with your credit card.
  7. Most online and offline merchants accept credit card payments so you can use your winnings for subsequent purchases right from your credit card.
  8. You can make your casino deposits in Australian dollars via a credit card and withdraw your winnings in Australian currency.

Safe and Secure

Credit cards offer a safe and secure method for transferring your payments to and from the online casino. Credit card companies use the most advanced 128-encryption technology to protect your money as well as your personal information. The credit card company will never give your contact information to any third party. Credit card companies are monitored by the United Kingdom Financial Services Authority, an internationally-recognized service which regulates financial services providers worldwide.

If you're looking for a superior option for withdrawing and depositing cash in an online casino, link your casino account to your credit card and enjoy safe, efficient and convenient casino transactions.