Cupid's Target at All Slots

The Cupid's Target at All Slots promotion brings Valentine's Day into the real world of casino gambling where players can add to their casino earnings with bonus prizes. You can play more casino games for more time for free and earn more real money prizes when you opt into the Cupid's Target promotion.

You don't have to add any additional deposits to join the fun. Just play your real pokies as usual and collect your Loyalty Points. Turn those Loyalty Points into tickets for the upcoming casino draw – there are four draws throughout the month of February. Use your draw cash to play more games and earn more real cash prizes.

Now you're ready to add an extra degree of celebration to your Valentine's Day merriment.

Chaucer -- Poet of Love

Geoffrey Chaucer, the great 14th century English poet, is credited with linking Valentine's Day to romance. February 14 had already been a feast day, known as St. Valentine's Day, within the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. Chaucer's poems, including The Birds and the Parliament of Fowls, connected the day to the concept of romance and love. By the mid-1500s members of England's high society had begun to use the day as a time to show their affection and regard for their lovers and spouses.

While residents of the northern hemisphere look forward to Valentine's Day as a time to take a break from the winter cold, Aussies combine February 14th with sunny vacations, beach time and other southern hemisphere summertime excursions.

All casino players from around the world can unite in their commemoration of Valentines Days with gambling fun and excitement as they play Cupid's Target at All Slots.

Play the Bonus Promo

The All Slots casino makes it easy and simple to play the Cupid's Target promo. Sign into your regular casino account and opt into the promo at the webpage.  Now begin to play your favorite games.

There are four promotional periods during the February promotion:

January 31st – February 6th Round 1

February 7th – February 13th Round 2

February 14th – February 20th Round 3

February 21st – February 27th Round 4

During each gambling period, from Sunday through Saturday, you play your pokies or any other casino game as usual. The casino will award you Loyalty Points, based on the games that you play and level of the stakes that you place. Every time that you earn 50 Loyalty Points you'll be invited to exchange the points for a ticket to the upcoming draw.

Ticket Booster

In addition to the tickets that you earn through your Loyalty Points you can collect additional tickets to enter into the weekly draw by increasing your gambling activities. During the week prior to each draw, the number of days that you play will multiply your existing tickets and boost your chances to win the top prizes.

  • Play for 3 days during a promotional week and see your existing tickets multiplied x3
  • Play for 4 days during a promotional week and see your existing tickets multiplied x4
  • Play for 5 days during a promotional week and see your existing tickets multiplied x5
  • Play for 6 days during a promotional week and see your existing tickets multiplied x6
  • Play for 7 days during a promotional week and see your existing tickets multiplied x7

The draws take place on each Saturday during the month of February. By Sunday morning you'll be able to check your account and see what you've won.  Only those tickets that you earned during the week prior to the draw will be entered into the draw – tickets cannot be carried over past the draw that takes place on the Saturday after the tickets are earned.

Check Your Tickets

You can check your ticket score, using the Check My Tickets tool which is found at the Cupid's Target webpage. When you click the Check My Tickets button you'll be able to check the number of tickets that you have for the upcoming draw, including tickets that you've accumulated through your Loyalty Points accumulation and through the Ticket Booster. Navigate to the page to find the tool. The Leaderboard is also there so you can check your standing in relation to other players. You'll be able to access updated information about how you're doing in comparison to other players from around the world.


During each draw $25,000 will be given away with a total monthly give-away of $100,000.

  • $1000 prizes will be distributed to 5 players
  • $500 will be distributed to 10 players
  • $100 will be distributed to 25 players
  • $50 will be distributed to 50 players
  • $25 will be distributed to 100 players
  • $10 will be distributed to 250 players
  • $5 will be distributed to 1000 players.

Your bonus prize earnings are applicable to your upcoming week's gambling activities but they will not carry over beyond the following week.

Romantic Get-Away

Three Get-Away prizes of $1000 will be awarded, randomly, to three lucky winners who play at the casino between the dates of February 7th and 10th. The romantic get-away prizes allow the players to travel to a destination of their choice.

Gaming Platforms

You can opt into the Cupid's Target promotion on any of your preferred gaming platforms, including at the Download Casino, the Flash Casino or the Mobile casino. Regardless of whether you play on a public Internet browser , your laptop or desktop PC or on your mobile device you'll be able to participate in the Cupid's Target bonus promotion. All of the pokies and other games will be counted towards your Loyalty Points and Ticket Booster as part of the promotion. You can play some of your games at the Flash Casino, some at the Download Casino and some at the Mobile Casino –  all gambling activity will be included as part of your ticket count.