Kings of Cash Mobile Pokies – Join and Enjoy 1000X Total Bet and 5000 Credits!

A great pokies games is comprised of many things. High payouts, beautiful graphics, unique features and benefits, special rewards, and so much more. Players who are looking for the best pokies game for them, will definitely be satisfied once they try out Kings of Cash Mobile Pokies!

A Wild symbol in this game will increase their chances to win, as well as grant them with multiple high rewards in no time.  Two different kinds of Scatter symbols, and a gamble feature will fill the spot of the highly unique benefits of the game, and great gambling features such as Bet Lines, Bet Coins, and Auto Spins, will let them take control over the game, and really make things happen!

So, if you are still looking for a wonderful game – search no more! Kings of Cash Mobile Pokies is here, and now you can enjoy it as well!

Win Up to 1000 Credits In a Single Spin!

Two scatter symbols exist in this game. One has an image of a crown, and the other – of a dollar. The one with the crown is special since once it appears – high credits can be won. Three of its symbols, which will appear next to one another, will be worth at least 2 credits, and 100 to the most. In case four symbols of this kind are on the reels, the player can enjoy 5 to 150 credits right away.

However, the greatest and most special prize can be granted to the players right away once they win 5 Crown Scatter symbols in one spin. Their payout will be no less than 10 credits, and can reach up to 1000 credits! These players can enjoy 1000X their total bet!

Multipliers, Free Spins, and Special Winnings!

The second kind of the Scatter symbol is paint purple and has a dollar sign on it. This symbol can grant players with both high multipliers as well as many free spins! These will allow players enjoy both the real mobile pokies game and prizes, while they deposit no cash at all!

Three Scatter Symbols – multiply the players' bet by 1X, and grant with 10 free spins right away.

Four Scatter Symbols – trigger the 5X multiplier per bet, as well as the 15 free spins bonus.

Five Scatter Symbols – These will let players enjoy a 10X total bet multiplier, and no less than 25 free spins within moments!

Free Spins

The special attribute of the free spins mode is that players don't deposit at all, yet they keep on playing. In addition to that, not only their real money winning potential is not reduced at all, but it is actually increased! All winnings gained during the free spins are 2X multiplied! The gaming atmosphere during the free spins is special and fun, letting players enjoy fun background sounds and unique graphics that make the whole experience better than ever!

Increase Your Winning Chances and Enjoy High Payouts Now!

One of the most favoured real pokies symbols is the Wild symbol. This symbol is very unique since it can serve as a substitute to almost any other symbol on the reels. In Kings of Cash real mobile pokies, the Wild symbol can replace the four card symbols (two kings and two princes), the box of treasures, the royal chair, and the royal shield.

In order to activate this special feature, a Wild symbol has to appear next to at least to adjacent symbols of the same kind on the reels. If two such symbols and a Wild are present, a three of a kind winning combination will be created, since the Wild will function as the third symbol that was missing. From zero payout, a great payout will be won by the player, and special sound effects and graphics will also embellish the game.

Three and four same looking symbols, which appear next to one another, and appear in adjacency to a Wild, will create higher paying grants, equivalent to those granted when four or five of a kind winning combinations are created. Be prepared to win more than ever before!

High monetary prizes are also an integral part of the game, once Wild symbol is present. Two Wild symbols, appearing next to one another, will grant the player with no less than 10 credits, and 3 such symbols will be worth 25 credits. Players who are lucky enough to win four Wild symbols, which appear on adjacent reels, will be able to enjoy 100 credits in no time at all. The most fortunate players, who win 5 such symbols will be eligible for a very high prize of 5000 credits on the spot!

Gamble – Your Way to Enjoy a Unique Feature

As promised, here you will be able to enjoy some very unique benefits and rewards. One of the best examples for a feature you won't be able to find anywhere else is the Gamble Feature. Gamble is triggered with a click of a button, and then the player is required to either opt a coloured card, or a suit. Picking the correct card, will reward a player with 2X times of his or her bet, and choosing the correct suit will be worth a 4X multiplier. Note that there is a limit on the number of times one can trigger this feature, therefore – use it wisely!

Gaming Features – It's Your Call!

On the one hand, Kings of Cash Mobile Pokies lets players enjoy the unexpected, the surprising and the unknown, by crediting them with special benefits and rewards when they least expect it. On the other hand, this game also consists of great features that players can decide when to activated, how, and for how long. This way, you can trigger whatever you want, whenever you want, and also stop doing that at any given point. Are you ready to learn what's expecting you?

Bet Lines

By betting lines, you actually get to wager for the next spin's results. You can either click the Bet Lines button appearing on the lower part of the screen, or click any of the buttons on the sides of the screen. These will mark one, two, or more lines according to your preferences. You can increase and decrease the number of lines chosen according to your will, until you click the Spin button. After the spin is triggered and stopped, you can choose all over again for how many lines you bet. There is no limit on the number of times the feature can be triggered.

Bet Max

This feature was made exactly for everyone who cannot hold until they bet for the highest rates available in the game. A single click of button on Bet Max, appearing on the bar next to Spin, will replace multiple clicks on the + button and trigger the spin with the highest winning potential possible within moments!

Auto Spin

The Expert button may be a little bit hard to recognize. It is written in small letters, on a bar even lower than the one Spin appears on, and the colour is similar to the one of the background. Once you find it, however, and click it, multiple new options are opened up in front of you.

One of them, is the Auto Spin Feature, which will let you enjoy watching the game, played automatically, and you don't have to click anything anymore. While you rest, your winning potential stays just as it previously was, and you can choose to stop the reels from spinning at any given point.

What are you waiting for? These and many additional benefits, rewards, and bonuses are waiting for you at this very moment! Start playing Kings of Cash Mobile Pokies NOW!