Major Millions Progressive Pokies

More people play pokies at the online casino than any other game. Pokies are a favorite casino activity, offering fun-filled, action-packed games that allow you to indulge your fantasies while you compete for real money prizes. The Major Millions Progressive Pokies is a favourite casino attraction for both beginning and advanced players. It features a whimsical game of engaging characters, a light-hearted storyline and plenty of opportunities to earn payouts.

You can play Major Millions at any time of the day or night from any location on any casino platform. Major Millions is featured at the Download Casino for PC gamers, at the Flash Casino for travelers and at the Mobile Casino for mobile players. Regardless of your preferred platform, you can access Major Millions within minutes of signing into your personal casino account.    

Progressive Pokies

Progressive pokies are one of the most popular activities for online casino gamers. The excitement of observing the progressive game's slot meter rise while you watch to see if your spin will activate the jackpot prize enthralls gamers. When you play a progressive pokies you continue to earn all of the regular wins that you would in the regular game of any pokies ALONG WITH the opportunity to compete for the progressive jackpot. You simply add a small side wager to your regular deposits and you'll be invited to participate in the progressive game. Now, you actually have two chances to win while playing one game.

Progressive pokies have been around for many years but the competition becomes more and more exciting every year. Your favourite progressive games are joined by newer and more exciting competitions with new features, new elements and bigger and better jackpot prizes. Players win tens – even hundreds – of thousands of dollars every time they hit the jackpot. Some gamers have even won over a million dollars in jackpot cash.

When you play a progressive slot machine you'll indulge your fantasies of hitting the "Big One." With one spin of the reels, you may find yourself taking home the entire jackpot. It's easy to play pokies with slot machine payouts being among the most lucrative at the casino. But if it's taking too long to build up your wins as you make your way through spins, free spins, bonus games, gambles rounds and other captivating pokies elements, you might want to join a progressive slot machine such as Major Millions and earn your entire reward with one spin.

Progressive pokies involves a group of slot machines from around the world which have been linked together. When you play progressive pokies you actually compete against other participants who can be located in other countries and speak different languages. Your common goal unites you. As every progressive pokies participant makes his deposit, the jackpot will grow incrementally. When one player hits the winning combination, he'll trigger the jackpot and earn the entire jackpot prize. After the jackpot has been won, new wagers start the jackpot growing anew. 

Major Millions Pokies Fun and Excitement

Major Millions is one of the casino's most popular progressive online pokies. Major Millions Progressive Pokies has it all -- humor, whimsy, revelry and multiple opportunities to achieve big prizes.

Major Millions is a top-ranked progressive jackpot machine whose silly storyline appeals to gamers young and old. Progressive jackpot competitors have won millions of dollars in the progressive game and everyone wins payouts in the regular game.  

The Major Millions progressive pokies features the Major himself, a charming military man who leads his troops into a five-reel, fifteen payline pokies adventure. You have your choice of playing only the regular game or, if you're looking for a more high-energy pokies experience, you can add a progressive wager and join the progressive jackpot challenge for a chance to win the big jackpot prize.

The Major winds his way through military symbols as he conducts a precision military exercise in his search for wealth.  You'll be surrounded by a military atmosphere of crisp uniforms and  soldierly bearings throughout your play In addition to Major Millions you'll encounter friendly guards, spanking new military gear, ship-shape uniforms and other icons of military life. The symbols, which appear on the reels throughout your spins, include tanks, an officer's hat, top-secret papers, an airplane, binoculars, a battleship, shiny medals, ammunition and gold coins. Everyone is friendly – the tank shoots "Bang" flags and the airplane's underbelly sports smiley faces which opens to drop coins.   

Major Millions Logo is the Major Millions Wild. The Major symbol substitutes for the other symbols on the reels to complete winning paylines. If a payline completes with a Wild symbol it triples the win.

The scatter symbol of the game is the explosion symbol. If three explosion symbols appear simultaneously, scattered across the reels, they will create a scatter combination, activating a scatter payout. The scatter combination payout is multiplied by the total number of wagered coins. You'll receive a scatter payout, regardless of whether the scatter emerges on an activated or unactivated payline,

Progressive Jackpot Tips

Casino advisors suggest that, if you like to play games of luck, you should play the progressive jackpot machine since someone, somewhere will win, so it may as well be you. But, they caution, you shouldn't rely on progressive jackpots for the bulk of your gaming activities. Set aside a percentage of your bankroll for the progressive jackpot and save the majority of your funds for gambling activities which aren't reliant solely on luck.  

Play the Aussie online progresive slots Major Millions as a regular pokies or together with the progressive jackpot, but whatever you choose, you'll enjoy an entertaining slots experience on the Major Millions Progressive Pokies.