Neteller Payment Method

Sign up for a free Neteller account and enjoy the convenient digital banking solution for any of your casino transactions. The Neteller Payment Method allows you to make all of your casino deposits and withdraw your winnings safely and securely at any time on your laptop or desktop PC, on a public computer terminal or on your smartphone or tablet mobile device.

Neteller serves as an ewallet service, facilitating easy linking of your online casino account with your personal prepaid card. It's fast, simple and secure to use the Neteller Payment Method. Neteller has been providing safe deposit methods for Aussies for over 10 years so that gamers can move their money online at their convenience. You'll be able to transfer your funds to and from your casino account and then use the money for any financial need. You can make online or offline purchases, deposit your funds in your local bank account or withdraw your casino earnings in cash at your discretion.

Neteller Payment Method is used by millions of players around the world. High-rollers receive premium membership --"Neteller VIP" -- which includes lower fees and added features. It's free to open a Neteller account. You can deposit your casino wagers and withdraw earnings with Neteller at your leisure, making the ebank a leader in providing online casino digital banking services.

Casino Gambling

Gaming online has, from the earliest days, required that players be able transfer their wagers for real money wins. Over the course of the last 20 years, new opportunities have arisen that allow players to facilitate these transfers, but not every type of transfer is appropriate for every player.

Credit and debit cards and banks that facilitate wire transfers have always offered quick transfers of funds but many gamblers prefer to use a system that doesn't link their gambling activities with their personal bank account.

eChecks have become popular over the last few years but many people report that using an echeck can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

One of the easiest online casino payment methods is the ewallet. You can access an ewallet card at any online or offline vendor and fund it with cash or with an online transfer. When you make your casino deposits, the casino will automatically deduct your indicated amount from your ewallet card. And your transactions are not linked to your personal land-based banking account.

When you've finished playing your pokies, you can direct the casino bank to deposit your earnings back onto your Neteller card and then use those funds at your leisure.  

The system offers a protected method of ebanking that allows you to enjoy your games with no concerns about ensuring safe transactions.

Best of all, all of your transactions are facilitated in Australian dollars. You don't have to click any buttons or move from one currency to another when you're doing your ebanking with Neteller – as soon as you register and click "Australian dollars" your deposits will be automatically withdrawn from your Neteller prepaid card in Australian currency and your winnings will be redeposited as Australian dollars

How to Link your Neteller Card

To link your Neteller Payment Method with your casino account, go into your casino profile and click on the "Banking" page. This page provides you with a wide range of banking options for Australian gamers.   

Click "Neteller" and confirm your choice. Your casino account is now linked to your Neteller ewallet. You don't need to reconfirm your choice every time that you play – from this point forward, every deposit and withdrawal that you make at the casino will be debited or credited to your Neteller card.

If you decide to change your casino ebanking method, contact the casino Support Line via email, chat, Whatsapp or freephone and notify the casino of your change. The casino will facilitate the change immediately.

Collect Your Money

Once the online casino transfers your payouts to your personal Neteller account you can access your casino earnings through any of the convenient Neteller withdrawal options. Most players prefer to use the Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard, the Neteller ewallet or the Net+Prepaid Mastercard. These withdrawal options allow you to pay for goods and services at any Neteller-accepting merchant around the world. You can use these cards to withdraw cash at point-of-sale terminals or at ATMs.

Neteller interfaces with brick-and-mortar banks, credit and debit card companies, bitcoins, merchant sites, electronic checking accounts, Internet banks and other online financial institutions around the world. In addition, Neteller provides information about its services in numerous languages so you'll be able to find any information that you need in any language. You can also contact the Neteller help line at any time for assistance in your preferred language.

Neteller Security

Gamblers, merchants, businesspeople and others use the Neteller Payment Method because it is a trusted service that provides secure, protected Internet banking services. Account holders can sign up for a 2-step authentication feature in which their account is accessible only through a six-digit authorization code. You can use this code when you sign into your account or rely on the code instead of submitting your Secure ID on third-party merchant sites.

Neteller uses the most advanced 128-bit encryption technology, identity verification and real-time transaction monitoring to protect account information and ensure online fraud protection. Neteller is authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which monitors the service to make sure that your funds are always available when you need them for all gaming purposes.