This Month at All Slots - Pharaoh's Treasure

This is the month to enjoy real pokies contests and all of the fun that they offer at All Slots. With this month at All Slots - Pharaoh's Treasure is the contest of the moment. When you play here, you’ll see that you can have loads of fun in addition to the fun you already have with All Slots, and you can gain all sorts of great bonuses, free spins and more. Learn about the online pokies promotions and have a blast today. Unlock the treasure chests to see just what is hidden inside for you and have a great time with the treasures offered by All Slots Casino. You'll love your chances to have fun here in the month of June.

Starting Out

How can you play pokies to win in June with All Slots? It’s easy to do when you follow along with the Pharaoh’s Treasure promo. This promotion lasts from June 3 until June 30 and is valid at many sites. These include All Slots Casino, All Jackpots Casino, First Web Casino, Wild Jack Casino and The VIP Lounge Casino. In order to be part of the promotion, you’ll simply play games on the list and then submit your username. Then you click “Unlock My Treasure” and you’ll be ready to enjoy the promotion. The promotion is divided into 8 sections, each lasting three days.

Getting in the Fun

Now, this month at All Slots - Pharaoh's Treasure you’ll enjoy this promotion. During each round you’ll be able to unlock from one to three treasure chests based on the number of games that you played in the last round. If you played between two and five games in the last section and you bet at least 10 per game, then you’ll get to look in one treasure chest. If you played 6-10 games with bets of 10 then you’ll be able to see inside two. And if you played 11 or more games then you’ll see three treasure chests. Now, if you only played one game in the previous round, you won’t get any prizes. You have to claim your prize during the round when you won it. Anything that isn’t claimed will expire when the round is over. You can win free spins, loyalty points and bonuses in the treasure chests. You can win free spins on Avalon, Terminator II, and Golden Princess. You can play these games on instant play, with mobile and with downloading the games. You might also be able to get bonuses of between 5 and 100 credits. You have to log in within seven days to use the bonus credits.

Having a Blast

With the pokies contests there is something to enjoy for every player. These games add up to a great deal of fun every time you want to play. Playing with All Slots Casino is a blast no matter when you play or how you do so. Enjoying the promotions adds to that fun and offers players yet another way to have a blast. The month of June is a hot and fun one as summer descends on us. It’s a great time to know that you have the potential to get free spins, loyalty points and other bonuses that will add up to extra fun for you as you play. Have a blast today with the Pharaoh’s Treasure promotion.