Play Pirate's Loot at All Slots Casino – Sure Win of FREE SPINS and Cash!

Today is the day to start winning… today is the day to enjoy a 100% chance to win FREE SPINS, cash, share prize of $100,000 and so much more - and all while enjoying your favourite real online pokies! The benefit is already in your hand and once you reach out and claim it – it's yours! So join the multiple happy gamblers who already get to enjoy the Aussie online casino promotions, let yourself be granted with some awesome prizes and enjoy the real thing!

There is no doubt this summer is going to be the BEST summer you have ever had, since over here everyone wins when they simply fill in their name in the line and start spinning the compass! Now all you have to do is learn how to play, when to play, what you can win and how you can make the MOST out of it! The monthly promos never were so special and you definitely should maximize your potential over here!

Let's Start with What! What Can You Win Over Here?

 Well, your victory is already guaranteed. Now the interesting part focuses about knowing WHAT you can win, and how to trick the promo so you can get even more than usual!

The very first thing you can win is credits! Yes… coins, cash, dollars… it doesn't matter how you decide to call it, as long as you remember you can enjoy increments of 2, 5, 10, 15, 25, 50 and even 100 in dollars and use them to play the different games! If you want to "trick" the game and win even more, then you are welcome to play in SEK. By playing SEK you allow yourself to win the same prizes but 10X multiplied, and it is crystal clear such a prize is VERY rewarding!

An additional, and just as great, sort of prize that can now be yours is the FREE SPINS prize which is granted to you once you play Pirate's Loot at All Slots Casino! The amount of FREE SPINS given to you changes every time; all the FREE SPINS' slot have the very same title written on them, and each time the arrow will mark such a slot, you will be surprised to discover how many spins are now yours. Another great benefit is the fact that once you play those FREE SPINS you can CHOOSE which games you want to play. You have 5 different possibilities - Thunderstruck 2, Avalon, Pistoleras, Ariana, and Gold Factory.

In fact, not only do you get to choose which game you play at (for FREE), but you can also decide you SPLIT your FREE SPINS among these different games. You can, for example, play 10 spins for FREE at Pistoleras, and then other 10 spins at Thunderstruck 2 and eventually use the last 15 spins when playing Ariana. It is all up to you! By the way, when you play from France or from turkey, the variety is a bit different, and you can play (for FREE, of course) the Gold Factory, Thunderstruck 2 and Avalon pokies games.

It is possible that in order to release some of the benefits you will be required to make an initial deposit. If the deposit has not yet been made, you can enjoy the fact the deposit does have to be made at one single time. In case you are required to deposit $50, once you reach this amount by a few smaller deposits (such as $25 at one time and another $25 at a different time), you will already be able to claim your prize!

Let's Talk Dates!

Like all other gamblers, you are probably very eager to start playing the promotion (and for a very good reason). Now all you have to do is learn during which dates and times you can play, and soon you'll be ready to go!

The best news is that the first week is getting started right now and you can hit the lights and claim SO MUCH!

The dates and times for the first week are as follows: August 2nd, 7:00 AM GMT up until August 8th, 23:59 PM GMT.

When the first week is over, you can expect the second one to be just as crazy, and start right at August 9th, 7:00 AM GMT. This week will come to an end at August 15th, 23:59 PM GMT.

Subsequently, the third week will give you another time slot to have some fun and celebrate with sure wins (100% you'll gain something over here!) from August 16th, 7:00 AM GMT, until August 22th, 23:59 PM GMT, and the fourth week will start right after that!

The fourth week will be taking place during the following dates and times - August 23th, 7:00 AM GMT, and August 29th, 23:59 PM GMT

Your last chance to win, enjoy, and claim your benefits will be during the fifth week from August 30th, 7:00 AM GMT up until September 5th, 23:59 PM GMT!

During those dates, you surely want to be well aware of the fact that during each week you have once single chance to win your prizes. Although behind each and every slot on the roulette one great benefit or another is waiting for you (and therefore no matter where the arrow points, you will still be benefited), only one spin will be available for you each week. The meaning is that in case you missed the first week, you won't be able to spin twice at the following week. Your five potential benefits will become four and you surely don't want that to happen! Therefore, sign in right now, start playing the Pirate's Loot, go wild, get crazy, and collect as many prizes as you can!

Where Do I Do That?

Great question! A few casinos will be holding this incredible promotion, and you can check any one of them! All Slots Casino, , All Jackpots Casino, VIP Lounge Casino, Wild Jack Casino and First Web Casino will be at your service the moment you want to get started!