Riviera Riches Mobile – Win Up to 64,000 Coins

Did you ever ask yourself how many benefits you can get playing one great pokies game? Ever wondered how many times a bonus can be triggered and re-triggered? Asked yourself which game contains best cartoons and sound effects with the most wonderful pokies bonus rounds? Well, if true prestige is your thing, then Riviera Riches Mobile Pokies is the right answer for you.

Join now this Aussie favourite mobile pokies and enjoy not only the ability to win up to 64,000 coins right now, but also the 3X multiplier, 12 Free Spins, bonuses and retriggered bonuses and, of course, the great benefits that come with WILD and Scatter symbols.

Once you get engaged you can be absolutely confident that you will profoundly enjoy a great combination of great gambling features such as BET MAX and bet on lines, with the most beautiful drawings of the lives of the rich - men, women and cars. 

Real Money Mobile Pokies Bonuses

There are many great benefits and you surely want to win them all. Best way to start, though, is to get to know (at least a little bit) what your options are.


Gaining some free spins is surely a lot of fun. The meaning is that you can win more and more, get more credits to your payline, be able to deposit more on the next spins (or simply have more spins when you deposit just the same amounts) and yet, you risk nothing during this process. Surely a heavenly gift!

During the free spins themselves, you have a total and absolute control over the things that get going out there. The free spins surely will not start without your sign, since you are the one to press the button that makes them get going. The meaning is that you can go and spoil yourself with some juice and food in front of the computer and once you are set, let the spins roll! Now, when you win more credits, you can be totally aware of everything that's going on with the boxes of WIN and TOTAL WIN (tell you how much you won right now, and how much you won during all those spins) and when the free spins end you get a sign that tells you how much you won inclusively. Be sure to remember that this Congratulation sign tells you your total winning amount after calculating the 3X MULTIPLIER that you get during the Free Spins!!!

Now for the adventure. No win of a Free Spin is left unnoticed. The music all around, the change of theme, the symbols that get animated once you win and the lines of victory that are colourfully marked just for you are there to make sure you pay attention to the credits added to your payline (and many credits are added). Enjoy!

The Scatter and the Bonus Feature

Scatter is the sole symbol that is going to benefit you with those 12 free Spins you so passionately want. Scatter is a great symbol, which is unreplaceable by the WILD symbol, and a few of this on your reels benefit you with the Free Spins feature. Scatter also gives you quite of a nice payout you get to enjoy even before the Free Spins have begun.

The bonus feature is a unique one to Riviera Riches Mobile Pokies. This bonus, once appearing on the reels (specifically on reels number 1 and 5) benefits you with two roulette spins. The wins gained on the roulette are immediately added to your payline which keeps all your credits together.


The WILD symbol is probably the most special of them all. This symbol lets you "create" more wins with no additional effort, and when it doesn't seem possible a win can be produced. So, how does it happen? Simple. The WILD is a unique symbol which serves as a substitute to all of the other symbols on this game (not including Scatter) and if, for example, two of a kind are on the reels then a WILD that appears right next to them takes the place of the third missing symbol. Thus, a three of a kind is created and you win all the credits! Same way four of a kind and five of a kind can be created and you can gain even more credits than you were naturally supposed to.

Different Version to Play on Mobile

Even the mobile version of Riviera Riches offer you a few versions of gaming you can use. First of all, it is your option to choose between a real play and a free play. Obviously, merely a real play will benefit you with real credits. However, if you find yourself unexperienced and want to give it a try or two on a demo mode before you dive in, the free play can help you with that.

In addition to that, you can choose to play the mobile version in your cellphone and take the game everywhere you go. If it's only the bed that's calling you and the mobile is off, a tablet will work too. By the way, the Riviera Riches pokies game is also available on a PC version if you are interested. You can choose to play it on any device that you want!

Surely, nothing can stop you now! Join the pleased players and have some fun with Riviera Riches Mobile pokies!