Riviera Riches Online Pokies

When looking for a new real pokies game to indulge in, players often choose a game after looking for the wrong things in a game and therefore they don’t get to enjoy their gambling experience to the fullest. If you’re in the market for a new online pokies game, you should take your time and choose the perfect game for you. Make sure that the wagering limits are to your liking, and pick the game with the most interesting theme that will be able to hold your attention for a long period of time.

In order to find out a bit more about each game you’re contemplating, you should read a few reviews and feel the general vibe that of the game. Afterwards, you can check the game out by accessing it via the free mode at your casino of choice, and determine if your choice was right. If you’re looking for a real online pokies game with moderate wagering requirements, you should check out the exciting Riviera Riches online pokies game.

Basic Info

Riviera Riches is a 5-reels pokies game, which has 15 available lines and it awards you with up to 300,000 in bonuses alone. As the game unfolds, you’ll encounter some familiar symbols that appear practically in every pokies game, and some symbols will represent the unique and illustrious game theme. The usual card symbols will award you with a modest prize of up to 100 coins, while the higher-valued symbols will award you with up to 750 coins on a regular spin.

In order to make a winning combination, as in any other real money pokies games, at least 3 similar symbols have to appear adjacently from the left reel to the right. This rule applies to all the symbols except for the scatter. The wild symbol, represented by the logo of the game, substitutes for all the regular symbols and it helps you come up with as many winning combinations as possible in addition to awarding you with up to 1,500 coins all on its own.

Special Bonuses

The Riviera Riches pokies bonuses include two crazy bonus rounds, triggered by the appearance of the scatter symbol and a special bonus icon. If at least 3 scatter symbols appear anywhere on your reels, you’ll get a chance to win a prize of up to 190,000 coins with the help of 12 free spins. During this bonus round, all your wins will be multiplied by x3.

The extra roulette bonus round can be triggered by the extra bonus symbol if it appears on the 1st or the 5th reels. During this round, you’ll get two spins on the roulette wheel, which will award you with up to 300,000 coins.

Together, all the special symbols and the exciting bonuses will ensure that you won’t leave your casino empty handed. If you’re interested in pokies for real money but you haven’t found the right game for you yet, you might want to start with this one.

In Conclusion

If you’re new to the gambling arena, this game will help you start your journey slowly and with minimum risk, as it allows you to place small bets and control the amount of money you wager on during your gambling experience, thus allowing you to have fun and enjoy your stay at the casino without worrying too much.

All in all, Riviera Riches is an exciting casino game with a prestigious theme that will take you on an adventure of a lifetime, as you’ll be able to experience what it truly meant to be a part of high society. All you have to do is set back and relax, allowing the game to unfold in front of you and hoping for the best results.