Terminator 2 Online Slots – Online Pokies Bonuses You Won't Find Anywhere Else!

What is a true rush for you? Is it the electronic soun of code being broken? Is it the presence of agents all around? Maybe it is being close to almost illegal actions and getting into a dangerous zone? What if you could get the rush immediately, and not even having to leave your house or your favorite device?

With Terminator 2 Pokies you get to enjoy not only the best cartoons, music at the background, special effects and so on, but the most wonderful gambling features that a gamer could ever wish for! You can win up to $440,000.00, and you have 1024 different ways to do so! Besides this mind - blowing opportunity of yours, you have Free Spins, Scatter, WILD and many other benefits at this game! So don’t hesitate and don't let yourself stay behind! It is time for you to embark on the game and WIN BIG!

Versify Your Betting Options!

One of the most prominent things in a gambler's ability to enjoy his game is the fine combination between certainty and uncertainty. On the one hand, you can never know how the spins will eventually end. On the other hand, you do have a certain amount of control on your game.

Versify Your Betting Amounts

It surely doesn't matter if at the beginning you feel a little short with money and don't want to risk losing it all. Similarly, if you start depositing big, you don't have to feel you cannot change it later on if you have some second thoughts. When you play real Aussie pokies, you can always start betting on a certain amount, such as the minimal amount on Terminator 2 - 0.01 coin size and 1 coin, and raise it as you go along. The maximal amount is 0.50 coin size and 10 coins. The + and – buttons will help you navigate between the maximal and minimal amount as you desire.


This feature lets you decide how you want the game to function for you. If you feel a little tired and not very interested in pressing the buttons all the time. It is okay, and it surely doesn't need to keep you away from enjoying this wonderful game. You can let the game spin for as many rounds as you want (such as 10, 25, 50, 100, until stop, and so on…) and choose when and how you want them to stop. Spins can stop when you reach a specific amount of credits gained or simply when all the spins are complete. No matter how many spins you chose and how exactly they are supposed to come to an end – always remember you have the power and the Stop button is just one press away. You can cut it off whenever you want to.

Online Pokies Bonus - Terminator 2

Your game – your bonuses! Terminator 2 has some special benefits you will surely not find at any other game, though, so it is no wonder it keeps on being rated as the top and most favoured game by all players! Soon, you will rate it at the top, too.


Let's start with the trivial. Everybody wants free spins and everybody wants to know how they can get them. So once you have Scatter in your game, you can get ready to get going! Having 3, 4 or 5 Scatters on your reels will benefit you with 10 Free Spins! The Free Spins will allow you to win more credits and you don't even have to deposit. However, when it comes to Terminator 2, the bonus doesn't end here.

Blues Scatter

The Blue Scatter is the ordinary one that functions just as every other Scatter on every pokies game. It gains you Free Spins and lets you enlarge your payline constantly.

Red Scatter

The red Scatter is the unusual gift you get over here. With the red Scatter your game get much more spicy and interesting. Every time T – 800 gets into motion, the presence of the Red Scatter (only one is required, not even three) will let you win MORE Free Spins!

T 1000 & T – 800

T 1000 is a wonderful symbol, also highly unique to Terminator 2 Pokies. When you play this pokies online, and the T 800 VISION is activated, T 800 pays you some cash and T 1000 can reward you with the highest amount of payout on your game! (Did someone say Big Win? Or simply more ways to get some more money?)

Free Spins

More Spins = more credits! What's the unique part about this? That even when you play real money pokies online, you don't always need to deposit in order to get more money (although, for sure, nothing is more exciting than depositing on the real thing). On Terminator 2 you have 1024 different ways to win your money when you are on the free Spins mode (and 243 ways to do so on the regular mode). The whole experience of Free Spins at this game is special and fascinating. You will be very satisfied to find out the background colour changes immediately, the sound effects and the music are completely different, the screen shows you many titles scrolling over with an electric sound that make everything sound and seem much more mystified and interesting. The agent – like atmosphere will make everything a whole lot more fun for you! Join!


Probably the best part of them all. Want to win more spins? The WILD is right there to get you going. Even if only two identical symbols appear on the screen, it doesn't mean you can't get more credits. WILD serves as a substitute to all symbols except Scatter and can (in no time) create more winnings for you once it is on your screen!