Tomb Raider Pokies

Enjoy the awesome ride with the Tomb Raider pokies and the excitement that you’ll have along the way. This is a five reel and 15 payline real pokies game that has free spins fun, real money opportunities and so much more. The game includes the sexy Lara Croft who is out to rescue the treasures from the bad people who are trying to steal them. She’s an archeologist with a mission. When you start the game, you’ll see just how much fun you can have. People around the world have been enjoying the excitement that Lara brings and the chance to enjoy playing along with her. 

Enjoying the Ride

As you have fun with the online pokies games, you’ll see that this is one that is action-packed. Pay attention to the two Lara symbols. There is one where she is leaning down and one where she is shooting her gun. There are other symbols here too that set the action including the idol, the tiger, the tomb raider symbol and the gadget. The Tomb Raider symbol is an awesome one with the real money pokies online game. You only have to have two of them to have a win. If you have more than this, then you’ll get even more payouts. If you have three of them you’ll have 200 coins for each of the coins that you bet. If you have four, then you’ll walk away with 2000 coins and if you have five you’ll have 75600 coins for each one you bet.

Free Spins Pokies Fun

There is even more fun waiting for you here with the Tomb Raider pokies game. The Tomb Raider symbol is also a wild one and it can substitute for other symbols. The Lara with her gun is a scatter symbol and if you have two of them you’ll have a win. With three or more you’ll win more and you’ll get into the Free Spins section of the game. With the free spins pokies there is always fun to be had. Now, there is also a bonus game where there are idols and you select three or more to see what they have hidden behind them. You can win as much as 2500 coins so it’s always fun to enjoy the real money pokies online game.

Great Gaming Fun

The Tomb Raider pokies game is one that you’ll love to play. Men will love this game with the sexy look of the heroine and the action that is behind her. Women will love it because it’s great to see a woman in the main role and one who is tough and sexy at the same time. And everyone will enjoy having the free spins pokies fun and the real money pokies online opportunity. The game includes awesome graphics and great sound effects. And it offers players an amazing way to have a great time with the larger than life images and themes.

Step in to another world and to the action that you’ll find with the Tomb Raider pokies. This is a game that offers you so many ways to play and to win and it’s one of the online pokies games that you simply won’t want to miss. You'll have a great time when you play here and enjoy everything that the game has to offer. The game has many layers to it, offering entertainment and fun every time that you want to play.