Treasure Nile Progressive Pokies 

Pokies that feature Egyptian themes are a big attraction at the online casinos. There are numerous historical, mythological and romantic Egyptian pokies available for real money gambling. Now, gamblers can combine the captivating Egyptian theme with some big progressive wins when they play the Treasure Nile Progressive Pokies.

Treasure Nile is a five reel, nine payline pokies challenge which brings you into the environment of the ancient Egyptian man-god Pharoahs. You can play Treasure Nile Progressive Pokies at any time and from any location on your PC or mobile device. Click the "Download" button on the casino's homepage and download the casino software into your desktop or laptop console to play the pokies from the comfort of your own home on your PC. When you're traveling you can open the casino on any Internet browser and play at your leisure at the casino's website.

Mobile users have 24/7 access to the mobile casino via WiFi or cellular connectivity to give them a convenient mobile Treasure Nile event on their tablet or smartphone screen. Regardless of your preferred platform you'll thrill to the high-energy Treasure Nile challenge which is available at your convenience.

Pokies Entertainment

Treasure Nile Progressive Pokies brings history, adventure, mystery and pokies entertainment to your PC or mobile screen. Treasure Nile is one of the favourite Australian progressives which appeals to beginning players and advanced gamers alike. The game brings ancient Egyptian history to life with symbols of the boy-king Tutankhamen, ancient relics, snakes, cobras, papyrus scrolls, scarabs, ankhs, necklaces, hieroglyphic symbols, boats and the Anibus – the Egyptian god of tombs. You'll feel as though you're standing in the Valley of the Kings as you explore the Sphinx, Egyptian lore and the secretive Land of the Pharoahs.

The five-reel, nine-payline pokies is presented in vivid colour with dynamic graphics, lifelike animations and a sound track that brings ancient Egypt to your PC or mobile for a genuine Las Vegas casino experience on your gaming screen.

Wild Symbol

The Giza Pyramids, set against a glorious Egyptian sunset, are the game's Wild. This symbol can replace any other symbol (except the scatter symbol) to form additional wins. However, the Wild cannot be used to complete the combination that is needed to unlock the progressive jackpot. Combinations with Wilds don't multiply in this game. If five pyramid symbols emerge on an enabled payline, you'll have created a Wild combination which can earn you 6000 coins for each coin that you've wagered. The Scarab beetle, which was considered to be sacred by the ancient Egyptians, is a lucky symbol for pokies players who will win their payout whenever three or more Scarabs emerge, scattered anywhere on the Treasure Nile reels.

Winning combinations can be created from left to right and from right to left so you have more opportunities than ever to achieve wins. The most lucrative payouts involve Tutankhamen, Pyramids, and the Tomb Guardian Dog.

Throughout the game, whenever you achieve a win, sound effects which evoke the beauty and pride of ancient Egypt will sound, triumphantly notifying you of your good fortune.

Casino advisors suggest that you enable all of the paylines so you'll experience the best opportunities to win both regular wins and real money progressives. Matching symbols on an unenabled payline may be satisfying to see but they won't result in any payouts, so it's best to activate all of the paylines to ensure that you'll have the best opportunity to achieve all possible wins.

Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot connects Treasure Nile players worldwide by linking all participating progressive jackpot machines. The jackpot grows every time any player, anywhere in the world, adds his deposit to play the Treasure Nile progressive game. The jackpot will grow endlessly until one player, somewhere in the world, triggers the jackpot combination to win the grand prize. When that happens, new deposits start the next jackpot again.  

The symbol for the progressive jackpot is the Pharoah icon. If your spin results in five Pharoah symbols on the ninth payline, you'll be the big winner of the game's progressive bonus jackpot. 

Minimum value of the jackpot is 40,000.00. You can only trigger the jackpot if you play with all nine pay-lines enabled bet the maximum of nine coins on each payline. In the past progressive jackpot winners have earned tens – even hundreds – of thousands of dollars.

Other Casino Bonuses

When you play a progressive jackpot game, you don't have to add the progressive game to your regular game. If you choose to refrain from making the additional deposit for the progressive game, you'll simply continue to play the regular game and collect your regular game prizes.

Regardless of whether or not you play the progressive game you'll still have plenty of other casino bonuses to enhance your wins. If you're a new player you're entitled to collect a Welcome Bonus that presents you with match bonus gaming points on your first four deposits during your first week of casino activity. As you play you'll be earning Loyalty Points for all of your gambling activities. The more loyalty points you earn the further up the Loyalty Point tiers you'll move, making you eligible to earn bigger and better prizes.

When you reach high-roller status you'll be invited to play in the VIP Room where you can gamble in the company of other high-roller players.

The casino also invites you to take advantage of their monthly draws and special promotions for specific games played at a pre-determined time of day, day of the week or season of the year.

If you're looking for a game that offers great payouts, bonus options and other features of casino entertainment, check out the Treasure Nile Progressive Pokies.