Tunzamunni Progressive Pokies

The Tunzamunni Progressive Pokies is a game that you won’t want to miss. The game is as simple to follow as you can possibly imagine, and yet it’s filled with fun features and awesome ways to win money. It’s one of the Aussie progressive pokies games that will keep you coming back for more and more fun. This is a three reel game with just one payline. The symbols include variations of the bar symbol and the 7. There is also a space symbol. The bars arrive as single, double or triple bars and the sevens come in a variety of colors including read, white and blue. And the space is just a space. And that’s all.

Getting Started

Now, as you start to play Tunzamunni Progressive Pokies you’ll see how truly simple it is. There is just one coin size here so that you don’t have to pick your size or figure out how much to spend. Of course, you can start out in demo mode with the game to get a feel for it, but then to really enjoy the game you will want to play the real money progressive games. As you play,  you will select how many coins you want to bet. If you bet the most that you can, which is five, you’ll then be eligible for the Aussie progressive pokies jackpot, which is the real fun of the game. This is the way that you can play the game for the progressive jackpots. Once you’ve decided how many coins to play, you’ll be ready to hit the spin button and get into the game.

More Details

There are a lot of great ways to win with the Tunzamunni Progressive Pokies including the progressive bonuses. If you have three space symbols you’ll double your bet. If you have three bar symbols you’ll win something – and if they are all the same kind then you’ll win even more. This is true of the sevens as well. Any seven symbols will give you a payout with the Tunzamunni Progressive Pokies, and if they are the same color, you’ll be even more excited. The white seven symbols are the best, as three white ones will pay you 1000 times your bet.

Progressing Along

With the game the most exciting part is the real money progressive games. You win this jackpot if  you have three sevens in a certain order – they have to be white, red and then blue. If you hit this combination, get ready for some awesome fun with the Aussie progressive pokies. The amount that you win is based on the amount of people who are playing. As more people play, the pot grows and offers you more payouts. You can actually watch the jackpot grow on the screen and see how high it gets.

All of this combines to create an awesome experience for anyone who wants to play a fun game. While the premise of the game is quite simple, the progressive part of the game adds a great deal of fun to the adventure. It allows players to watch the jackpot grow and grow and to be part of the excitement of the extra level. The progressive bonuses allow players to win it big as they play a game with quite a simple format. Get ready to have a blast today as the game invites you in with its simple format and its fun chances to win.