Wheel of Wishes at All Slots Casino

The Wheel of Wishes at All Slots Casino brings all of the traditional New Year's blessings for a new year of happiness and prosperity into a milieu of 21st century technological fun and excitement.  All Slots gamers can now play more of their favourite pokies for more time for free with any of the six amazing prizes that are waiting to be collected via the Wheel of Wishes bonus promotion.

This real pokies New Years promotion is available to all gamers. Regardless of whether you play for high stakes or low stakes, whether you're a beginning or an advanced player or whether you play three-reel classic pokies or five-reel video pokies you'll be able to add fun and excitement to your casino event with multiple Wheel of Wishes at All Slots Casino bonus prizes.

Getting Started

The Wheel of Wishes promo is available to PC and mobile gamers, allowing them to play on the platform of their choice where they can add the bonus credits, points, spins and prizes to regular game payouts and bonuses.

To participate in the Wheel of Wishes promo, just sign into your casino account and navigate to the promotion page at http://go.jackpotfactory.com/hlpromo/Jan/Wheel16.html on your computer terminal or mobile screen. If you've downloaded the app for the Download Casino or the mobile casino, just click the Promotions page and sign into the promotion.

You're entitled to one spin of the wheel every week during each promotional period for a total of five no-deposit spins. You can also earn extra spins through your gambling activities – every time that you play for four days during a promotional period, you'll receive an extra spin during the next promotional week. Each time that you spin, you win – bonus credits, loyalty points, multipliers, free spins and more. So join the promotion and start spinning and wishing.

Happy New Years  

For some people New Years is a day of fun and relaxation but for others it carries deep meanings and can foretell the events of the coming 12 months. Many people engage in rituals which, they believe, will determine their fortunes in the year to come. 

Spaniards take the New Years celebrations seriously. They carefully eat 12 grapes on New Years eve, one grape to indicate good fortune during each of the 12 months of the new year. In Denmark people save their unused dishes and plates and then leave them outside their doors for their friends and family members to break against the door as they wish them the best for the year to come. 

Philippine new year include lots of round things, representing coins – Filipinos believe that by eating round items, wearing round items of clothing and walking around with round items they will have plenty of coins and cash in the next year.


Some people, including online casino gamers, want to be proactive in their goal of obtaining extra earnings in the coming year and All Slots Casino is prepared to meet their efforts through the January All Slots Wheel of Wishes promotion. The Wheel of Wishes provides multiple opportunities for gamers to achieve extra casino wins that they can add to their base game payouts, bonus rounds and other casino earnings. 

Playing Wheel of Wishes requires no additional deposits. You just enter the casino and go to the promotions page where you can spin the wheel. When the wheel stops spinning you'll be able to determine your win.   

You have 1 free spin during each of the 5 promotional Wheel of Wishes rounds. Dates are: 

  • December 27 2015 through January 3 2016 – Round 1
  • January 3 2016 through January 10 2016 – Round 2
  • January 10 2016 through January 17 2016 – Round 3
  • January 17 2016 through January 24 2016 – Round 4
  • January 24 2016 through January 31 2016 – Round 5

If you've played for four days during the previous week you'll receive a second spin.   


Your spin indicates your prize. There are six possible prize options including

  • Cashback Deals in which you receive cash back on the deposits that you make right after your Wheel of Wishes spin. Cashback deals must be redeemed during the promotional round in which it was won.
  • Free Spins are available for mobile players on the Avalon or Bridesmaids pokies. PC gamers can use free spins on the Gold Factory, Ariana, Immortal Romance, Bridesmaids or Avalon pokies. You can use the free spins that you won on a PC when you play on mobile and the free spins that you won when you played on mobile on your PC.
  • Bonus Loyalty Points will be credited to your Loyalty Account within 15 minutes of prize notification and can be used at any time.
  • Free Bonus credits are awarded within 15 minutes of your win. A minimum deposit may be required in order to collect your free bonus. If such a minimum deposit is required, you'll receive information in the bonus notification that you receive from the casino, notifying you of your prize.
  • The Loyalty Multiplier multiplies your loyalty points which have been earned over the course of the previous 48 hours. You can't exchange Loyalty multiplier points for Stardust Draw tickets, as you can with regular Loyalty Points.
  • Tickets to the January 31st 2016 Stardust Draw.

Stardust Draw

On January 31st the Wheel of Wishes bonus promotion comes to a big close with a Stardust Draw in which the casino will be giving away $25,000. Participants receive draw tickets from their Wheel of Wishes spins OR when they exchange 50 regular Loyalty Points for an extra ticket. (Loyalty Multiplier loyalty points do not count as part of this ticket exchange).  

The more tickets that you enter into the draw, the more chances you have to win. You can earn one prize during the draw, so if your name is chosen twice you'll receive the prize with the highest value.

1440 winners will be chosen in the end-of-January Stardust Draw including

  • $1000 bonus prizes awarded to 5 winners
  • $500 bonus prizes awarded to 10 winners
  • $100 bonus prizes awarded to 25 winners
  • $50 bonus prizes awarded to 50 winners
  • $25 bonus prizes  awarded to 100 winners
  • $10 bonus prizes awarded to 250 winners
  • $5 bonus prizes awarded to 1000 winners.

The Wheel of Wishes Promo at All Jackpots Casino delivers extra points, credits, prizes and more as you ring in a New Year of happiness and prosperity.  

Wheel of Wishes at All Slots Casino gives you more chances than ever to start your New Year off on the right foot with big wins and big prizes.